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Photographed in Los Angeles / Another new model from my LA shoots. Full frontal still to come…


Photographed in Los Angeles / Full frontal coming later in the year

Ryan Y

Photographed in Los Angeles / Full frontal images still to come

Naked – 2 Copies Left

Look what I found… I thought I only had one person copy of my NAKED book left, but when I was in LA last week a friend had these 2 sealed copies left over from a book launch I had in one of the bars more than a decade ago.

Flying back tonight…

I am flying back to UK from LA today. It’s a long journey and I will probably only get home Tuesday evening. So there will be a small break in posting until Wednesday. I have shot 7 guys here in LA, so looking forward to gradually sharing the new content


Photographed in Los Angeles last week / Frontal shots still to come…


Photographed in Los Angeles last week… More revealing shots to come…


Photographed in Manchester

Heading to LA…

I’m flying to LA on Wednesday so there might be a couple days with no posts as I’m travelling and then will be getting over jet lag. The main purpose of the trip is to shoot some new content for this site and future books. Also, long shot, but looking


Photographed in Ibiza


Photographed on Fire Island / See more from the Fire Island shoot

Irish X

Photographed in Ibiza / More x-rated shots to come…


Photographed in Manchester

DYLAN Magazine

I am starting to work on Issue 4 of DYLAN magazine, and trying to decide between these covers. You can check out the current poll on my Twitter or comment below.


Photographed in Marrakech / Go to his page


Photographed in NYC / Go to his page / JERK OFF video still to cum…


Photographed in Manchester


Photographed in Miami / I will be adding him to the MODEL section soon Here is one of his full frontal posts…


Photographed in Ibiza in 2012


Photographed in London


Photographed in Ibiza / Go to his page

New Look

I have spent the last few days making some changes to the site to hopefully make it more user friendly on mobile and a bit faster. First up is the main model page where I have made all the thumbnails a bit smaller so all of them can load faster

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