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Book Credit

For those that want to support my next book and get a credit inside then CLICK HERE

I had this option for my NAKED IBIZA and WET books because they were funded ahead of time via Kickstarter so I was able to add the names before the book was printer. With the X book I will be paying for the printers myself before I launch the book, so I will need the names before it goes to print. The book is mostly designed (over 200 pages so far), but I have a couple pages I am still not happy with, and want to get a couple of specific images in there. I cannot give a timeline for the book as I have to pay the printers in Italy soon, and then they will give me an idea of how long the print will take and other factors like posting the boxes, etc

IMPORTANT: Please note that the image below is only a mockup. The final layout, placement, typeface will differ.

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