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X – Waiting List

Please join the WAITLIST for the project. This is only to get a good understanding of how many are interested in the book and is not an obligation to buy anything.

The idea is to create a book with over 200 pages featuring my favourite images from my DRX site and some new ones too. I realise that most people like to have everything in digital form and online but for those that might prefer a more permanent physical book, then this is for you.

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  1. I understand that your preference is to offer only print versions of your books – no digital formats. For various reasons I can’t purchase a physical book, but I would absolutely buy a digital version. So if that’s an option then I’ll join the wait list, otherwise I really can’t.

    1. I totally understand your point but for now it’s unlikely that any of my books will be available in digital forms because it will be too easy for it to be shared and copied online. also some models agree to shoot for “print” only so I would not be able to have a online version. The only exception might be a digital version of PENIS PORTRAITS at some point.

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